Still here

Yeah, I’m still here. I just haven’t thought much about posting. I’ve been locked, alot. It’s Friday, and I’ve been in my cage full-time since Monday morning. Five days back to back would’ve been alot for me even 6 months ago, but being in chastity is progressively becoming the norm. I can’t say I’m unhappy with this change. Right after I’m allowed to orgasm, I feel okay hanging free. But by the next day, I start to feel a bit antsy. I’ve come to feel a little uncomfortable with full access to “her penis”. And it gets worse the day after that. That access makes me a little anxious, but not in a good way. I’m well behaved in chastity, meaning I very rarely cheat or attempt to play with her penis when it’s locked. If I’m out, I’m at risk. Lock it away and the risk drops close to zero. It’s as if the device is both a cage attached to her penis and her watchful eye at the same time. When locked, it’s officially in her “custody”, and is safe from any unapproved shenanigans. I’m a cuckold that needs to be locked in chastity by his cuckoldress. Fortunately, she is doing just that. We both know this now, and she has done a very good job moving me in that direction. She still likes to enjoy her penis, and does let it out for playtime at least once or maybe twice a week, but when she’s not using it, I’m increasingly locked away safe and sound…Thank you Goddess!

Kept Hubby

My beautiful keyholder wife and I had a conversation in May.  I like to peruse sites like Reddit, Tumblr (or at least I did until they decided to eliminate much of the adult content), and a few forums on chastity and hotwifing/cuckolding, too. What triggered the discussion in May was something I discovered while spending time on these sites.  I was jealous!  I was jealous of the husbands that are “kept” by their wives.  The thought of being truly kept has been in my mind a long time, but seeing other husbands actually living it hit me.  And I don’t mean part-time as we had always been.  I was envious of the hubby’s and cuckolds that had their sex under full-control of their wives.  By that I mean the wife was always in control.  Some of these husbands were locked up longer than others, but what I was most jealous of was the fact that they had handed over complete control of the cock to their wife.  Most were not allowed to masturbate at all unless their wife/keyholder was watching and directing.  They weren’t stroking while enjoying porn, nope, not allowed!  And they were not laying in bed massaging their cock while thinking about the sexy college girl that lives next door.  None of that.  They were kept in chastity alot, and their cock was fully owned by their wife even when they were hanging free.  That was what I wanted, and the more I saw pics or read about these husbands, over time, the more I knew it.  It scared me a little, but I knew this was what I needed.  I’m sure some of the hubbies I read about are probably fakes, supposedly in 24/7 “permanent” chastity, but I know many are doing the real deal. I don’t mean never ending chastity, I mean that their wife has actually taken over “ownership” of their cock and makes all the decisions as to when they are caged, when they are allowed to stroke or be stroked, allowed to fuck, and of course, make the call when their penis would be allowed an orgasm.  I knew it would be difficult sometimes, giving up control usually is. 

We did it!  It’s now her penis.  In fact, that’s how we refer to it most of the time, her penis.  It’s now about two months since we made that transition.  Instead of a few days of lock-up here and there, now it’s a day of hanging free and most days (and most nights, too) locked in a chastity device.  Instead of 35 or 40 orgasms per month, most through self pleasuring, she’s giving me 1-2 climaxes a week, which will equate to say 8 or so per month (and I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t drop a little).  Of course, that is all subject to change depending on what she wants.  In these past 8 weeks, she’s made me wait 7 days twice.  I’ve also gone anywhere from 2-6 days, it’s all her call.  I know 7 days is easy denial for many guys in chastity, and I know there will be longer periods when she desires it.  In the past, with on again, off again chastity I’ve gone as long as 3 weeks.  I expect she’ll have me chaste more than a week soon enough.

Two months in and I do have ups and downs.  This week has been harder than most.  She’s been stressed with a project at work, and she’s given me less attention and we’ve had less intimacy.  That makes chastity harder.  And that’s even with an orgasm a couple days ago.  After you get used to chastity, it’s less about the orgasms and much more about the intimacy and acknowledgement from your keyholder.  When she’s mindful of my condition, all is right with the world.

Goddess had an unscheduled rendez-vous today!

My wife has only played alone with one man. We’ll call him Vito.  This guy has been pretty flaky, but she is very attracted to him and has made herself available for him on short notice a few times.  While we both agree he is…well, a dumbass, she wants him.  As a devoted cuckold hubby, that’s good enough for me.  He works in a restaurant near her work, but only on a rotating schedule that only puts him there maybe twice a month.  He seems to have terrible availability and even worse planning skills.  Case in point, he was supposed to setup a hotel for a play date with her last fall.  He couldn’t manage to get the hotel booked in time even with 4-5 days notice, and when that morning came, he nor us could find a room anywhere.  Neither of us could host.  I had helped her get ready and she looked amazing!  Let me tell you, we were both very ready for her to be taken by him in the hotel room while I remained home locked in chastity.  We were both disappointed, to say the least.  

Fast forward to today.  She hadn’t played with him for a few months and she saw him today when she stopped by the restaurant to grab something for lunch.  Without going into the details, they have a little spot at work (they work in the same complex) where they can play around a little.  It’s not really suitable to fuck, but a quick blow job, or some other foreplay is fine there.  They managed to meet there today.  She didn’t know she would see him today when she left for work.  She texted me that he was working today, and wondered if she should agree to meet him at that little spot.  I said in so many words, have fun Goddess!  He only had 5-10 minutes, but they had a quick little make-out session. He fingered her a little, and she sucked his nice big uncut cock.  He didn’t cum, as usual. He always seems kinda rushed, so she hasn’t seen him blow his load yet.  He likes to take photos for us and she came home with a few.  I love seeing pics of her sucking his thick cock.  I’ve seen her suck cock up close a few times on play dates, but it’s even naughtier having her do it when I’m not there.  Sometimes she sends me texts as they play, and other times I have to wait until she’s home to see.  We were a little hesitant to have her play alone, but no regrets.  We both find it extremely hot.  He told her he may be working at that location again next week, so there could be another play date coming soon 🙂

Time to blog

While my wife and I are not new to the things I’ll be writing about, we’ve made some recent changes to our “arrangement”, if you will, that have greatly increased my desire to have an outlet like this to express what I’m thinking, what I might be feeling, and to simply talk about what is happening with us in our marriage. Some posts will be highly sexual, and perhaps graphic. Others more mundane about this or that.

We first explored male chastity about 10 years ago. I had discovered it on the internet, I know…very shocking! I was intrigued by the thought of having my wife in control like that. As long as I can remember, I’ve had submissive sexual tendencies and the thought of wearing a chastity device for my wife pushed some of those buttons…big time. I told her about it and she was okay with me ordering one, so I did. Like many men 10 years ago, my first device was a “CB” brand. In my case, a CB-6000s. While I liked being locked for her, she wasn’t into it much. The device would come out, I’d put it on, give her the key and she’d often forget about it until I reminded her of my condition. It would come off again within a few days and be put away for a few weeks, or usually, much longer. We also toyed with trying a female led relationship. This wasn’t her thing either, but she does love to be pampered. I’ll come back to that in a future post.

Becoming a cuckold couple happened later. She was well aware of my fantasies of sharing her, but it remained just that for a few years. She knew that door was open if she decided to walk through it and she eventually did after we talked about it one evening on a long drive home from a trip. She’s had a few lovers, but never a steady regular. Finding reliable lovers or “bulls” is much harder than you might expect. And she is quite select in who she wants to play with. All but one of her lovers played with her while I was present. We both loved the experience and plan to continue in the cuckold lifestyle, though neither of us have any desire to stop enjoying each other in our own sex lives.

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